Congratulations Challenge Participants

The 2016 Commuter Challenge has ended. Thank you to everyone who  participated. You made a difference.

Together you  logged 43,000+ trips, traveled 789,000+ miles, saved 207+ tons of emissions, burned more than 3.3 million calories, and accrued over $204,000 total commute savings. Amazing results for our first Commuter Challenge with trip logging!

The Challenge might be over, but you can  continue to use  to track your commute, find rideshare partners, plan trips, and earn more badges. In the coming weeks we will be updating the login screen as well as implementing a bunch of new features that will make the tool even more useful.

Grand Prizes Winners

Robert Y, Delia G, Samson P, Tiina K, Rodrigo A

Some of the Weekly Prize Winners

Weekly Prize Winners (full list)

Tim T, Andrew C, Kevin T, Spenser T, Michelle M, Roxanne A, Kevin J, Elaine L, Christopher M, John P, Bob F, Alice H, Harneet S, DeLaine L, Mark H, Megan W, Teresa V, Catherine H, Greg M,Cara C, Stephanie B, Shuya L, Matt W, Ellen P, Constance M, Sally A, Ling M, Michael A, Jessica M, Crystle G, Isabel S, Karen K, Srividya S, Tessa V, Isabel S, Ryan C, Steve M, Marie G, Christina F, Nevin D, Ellen B, Gordon T, Karen M, Natasha Z, Randy C, Michiko K

Questions or comments? We are here to help! Check out our list of Commonly Asked Questions, watch a 30-second  video on how to log your trips, or email us at:

Thank you for participating and good luck!