Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 Commuter Challenge!

We made a big difference:

Congratulations to the 2017 Prize Winners

Grand Prize Winners: Mary S (Rickshaw Bagworks Gift Certificate)Cristina B ($300 Clipper Card)Samuel H (Tern Folding Bike) Tai S ($400 REI Gift Card) Cynthia K ($300 Shopping Spree) Bike to Work Day Prize Pack Winner: Janelle L Water Bottle* Winners: Sarah F, Lynnsey T, David C, Naresh B, Ben T, Harjinder K, Geraldo R, Montserrat P, Marilyn P, Ken N, Hillary C, Sergio C, Mark H, Christa P, Jonathan M, Yan CUrvashi N, Frank S Phone Charger Winners: Kevin R,Andrea C, Jennifer G, Todd L, Franklin F, Elnore M, Zhiyuan S, Joyce L, Logan S, Irving P, Jocelyn R, Kelly R, Corinna C, Janelle P, Earl B, Nick S, Marcus K, Dave T Bamboo Utensil Set* Winners: Darryl Y, Wing L, Hans J, Jennifer T, Lori M, Anthony S, Avant R, Aster S, Alice C, Jessica F, Noelle S, Nicholas Y, Beverly T, Jeff C, Wesley Y, Christine B, Terry B, Alvin W Commuter Pack* Winners: Steve M,Jun P,Larry R, Carmen B, Ellen K, Jonathan C, Chiachi H, Matt L, Tariq N, Rajesh P, Cecile A, Matt C, Maria T, Bianca F, William W, Fritha C, Tisha W, Ya-Wen L Rickshaw Bag Winners: Nisha R, Hillary D, Andrea L, Kathy W, Alvin L Fitbit Winners: David S, Bradley C, Mark M, Fadel D $40 REI Gift Card Winners: Stephanie M, Baljit A, Kendra B, Jocelyn T, Roberta H, Nevin D, Mark L, Maike S, David E $30 Clipper Card Winners: Tiffany N, Mele T, Elizabeth V, Natalie J, Ralph B, Gwen B, Shelby B, Joanne G, Samantha P Scoop Credit Winners: Chandrapp K,Chong C, Anoop G, Pierre N, Jessie M, Kristen Y, Wendy L Lyft Credit Winners: William H,Brian M, Yasmeen A, Sameer I, Ambika S, Mike K, Sergio C, Avana A, Kenny C

*Now available to redeem at the Commute Store on (go to incentives > point programs)

To watch a short video recapping this year's challenge including pictures of many of the prize winners Click Here


2016 Commuter Challenge Results: