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Commuter Challenge 2016


Reimagine the Commute

Symposium on issues facing commuters and employers

Commute.org along with the Association for Commuter Transportion (ACT) and the Foster City Chamber of Commerce hosted a symposium on Thursday, February 18th to discuss the issue of increasing congestion along the Highway 101 corridor in San Mateo County.

Over 100 representatives from local employers, public agencies, and solutions providers heard distinguished panelists talk about how we got to this point, what plans are currently in the works for long term solutions, and what employers can do in the short term to assist their employees.

The presentation slides are available for download in a single PDF by clicking here.

Presenters included:

  • - Jeff Gee, Board Chair, Commute.org (pictured above)
  • - Ratna Amin, SPUR
  • - April Chan, San Mateo County Transit District
  • - Sandy Wong, C/CAG of San Mateo County
  • - Elham Shirazi, e-planning
  • - Kerry Haywood, ACT
  • - Karen Sumner, Commute.org
  • - Walter Ruzzo, Gilead Sciences

Great news for commuters and employers

The tax and spending package signed into law late last year included a provision that increases the maximum allowable transit benefit from $130/month to $255/month. This bill permanently restores parity between transit and parking benefits and allows commuters who take public transit or vanpool to save on their transportation costs.


This increase applies to companies offering both subsidized transit benefits as well as those allowing employees to contribute pre-tax salary towards their transit or vanpool commuting costs.

For employees, ask your employer about increasing your transit benefit amount for 2016. The increase will be especially helpful for long distance commuters who travel on BART, Caltrain, and SF Bay Ferry.

For example, a monthly pass to ride Caltrain from San Francisco to Menlo Park currently costs $179 and a month riding BART roundtrip from Berkeley to Millbrae can cost over $200.

For employers, encourage your employees to increase their benefit amount if needed. This is a valuable employee benefit that can increase satisfaction among staff and also provide tax benefits to your bottom line. Whether you implement direct, pre-tax or combination, this is a win for all commuters and employers.

If your company does not currently provide a benefit to employees (read article below to see if you might be required to do so), you could be missing out on significant tax savings while also lacking a key employee recruitment and retention strategy. Commute.org can assist your organization in learning more about the pre-tax commuter benefits.

Contact Commute.org’s Employer Outreach team for more information on enhancing your company’s employee commuter benefits in 2016.