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    Log Your Trips and Be Rewarded.

    Be a part of the solution because your commute counts.

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    Rethink Your Commute.

    Ride a Commute.org shuttle to or from transit.

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    Rethink Your Commute. Try Transit.

    Use Caltrain, BART, or Ferry to get to San Mateo County.

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    Rethink Your Commute. Ride a Bike.

    Ride a bike for part or all of your commute.

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    Catch up on work or grab a nap on your way.

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    Carpool to work and mid-day meetings.



Are you a parent or guardian and currently driving your childrent o school?

Earn a $25 gas card by trying School Pool*. School Pooling is taking children from two different households to the same school. Each parent who participates in the program is eligible for this one-time gas card incentive.

Click here to complete the School Pool Incentive Application

Do you need to find other parents from your school to participate in School Pool?

Click here for more information about enrolling in the 511 School Pool Matching System.

*Rules of Eligibility

  • School must be located in San Mateo County.
  • School pool must be less than one year old.
  • Applicant must be 18 years or older.

Additional Carpool Programs Available

Carpool to Work Program:
Earn a $60 gas card for carpooling to work, a minimum of two days a week for two months with two or more people over the age of 18, or add a new member to an existing car pool. Carpool must be under one year old.

Click here for Carpool Incentive

Carpool to College Program:
Earn a $20 gas card incentive for carpooling to college, a minimum of 2 days per week, during a consecutive 4 week period. Carpool must be under one year old.

Click here for College Carpool Incentive.pdf

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