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Energizer Stations

Bike Commuter of the Year

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Be a part of National Bike Month: Bike to Work! One day, each year, commuters are encouraged to leave their cars at home and join their fellow commuters in biking to work. Thursday, May 10th, marks the Bay Area's 18th annual Bike to Work Day!


Energizer Stations:
On Bike to Work Day, Energizer Stations will be set-up throughout the Bay Area to encourage bicyclists to ride.  An Energizer Station is a small booth set-up along the roadways of major bicycle commuting routes that has refreshments and goodies.  Energizer stations are staffed with cheerful and encouraging volunteers. This year, throughout San Mateo County there will be about 28 Energizer Stations supported by local companies, organizations and individuals.
For a current list of Energizer Stations in San Mateo County, click here.
For a map of Energizer Stations in San Mateo County, click here.
For a list of Energizer Stations in other counties, click here.

Bike Commuter of the Year: AND THE WINNER IS.....

Paul Mernyk has been named San Mateo County’s 2012 Bike Commuter of the Year.  For the past three years, Mernyk has been cycling to work and has been given the appropriate nickname, “Mr. Yellow” since he can always be seen cycling in his bright yellow windbreaker.  Wind, rain or shine, Mernyk rides his bike to the Palo Alto Caltrain Station, travels by train to the Hillsdale Station, then cycles to his job at Rearden Commerce in Foster City.  Mernyk ends his day by cycling the entire 15 miles from Foster City to Palo Alto.  When asked why he rides, Mernyk answered, “It’s one less car on the road and I feel good about that.  I also arrive to work happier, healthier and energized to take on the day.”

In addition “Mr. Yellow” is also a very safe rider, donning a helmet with a helmet light, two ankle reflectors lights, two generated lights, two mounted lights, a side view mirror and one very loud bell!   Mernyk also has hi-tech accessories for his bike including a waterproof iPhone holder (for GPS, ride tracking, and alerts if he is phoned or texted so he can pull over to respond) and a collapsible basket to carry his laptop.  Mernyk says, “biking may be low-tech and wholesome, but you don't have to be disconnected.”

Mernyk is helping to lead the first ever Bike to Work Day Energizer Station at Rearden Commerce, one of 31 stations throughout San Mateo County.  Mernyk will help his fellow colleagues map routes, conduct a Bike Safety Clinic and get the rest of the company excited about bicycling.


Team Bike Challenge:
Bike to Work Day's Team Bike Challenge will officially start on May 1, 2012. Gather your friends, colleagues and neighbors to form teams and pedal to win. It's a fun and easy way to see just how much biking does for your health, budget and environment. The team with the most points at the end of the month wins.
Rules to register: Sign up begins April 1! Record your trips using the new online tools. Weekly reporting is required. For complete rules and to sign-up, log on to the Bike to Work Day site. Ready to register? Click here to get started!

Resources for Employers:
Bike to Work Day Employer Toolkit

Host a Bicycle Safety Workshop
: Are you looking for ways to increase interest in biking to work?  Host a bicycle safety workshop. Click here for more information.

Install Bicycle Parking
: Are your employees asking for more bicycle parking?  Install bicycle parking at your worksite and we'll pay for half the cost.  Click here for more information.

Other Resources:
Special Campaign: Catch a Ride! Let's Roll San Mateo County!
Embrace the spirit of Earth Day and National Bike to Work Month and make a difference! Do it to save money. Do it to save time. Do it to save our environment.
Taking public transit or bicycling to work reduces traffic congestion, which reduces vehicle emissions in San Mateo County. Instead of driving alone to work, pledge to take transit or bicycle to work a minimum of eight times during the campaign period and receive* a $40 gift certificate to a local bicycle shop or a $40 transit incentive to use on BART, SamTrans or Caltrain. At the end of the campaign, you will be asked to complete a survey. Complete the survey to receive your $40 incentive and be entered to win great prizes. Click here for more information about this campaign.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
: SVBC is your best source for bicycling information for Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. To learn about interesting events, volunteering opportunities, current issues facing bicyclist or to join, click here.

Bike San Mateo County
: Grassroots advocacy to "complete the streets" by making them pedestrian friendly and bicycle safe. Click here to learn more.