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  • Slide - Try Transit

    Rethink Your Commute. Try Transit.

    Use Caltrain, BART, or Ferry to get to San Mateo County.

  • Slide - Bike

    Rethink Your Commute. Ride a Bike.

    Ride a bike for part or all of your commute.

  • Slide - Train

    Rethink Your Commute.

    Catch up on work or grab a nap on your way.

  • Slide - Vanpool

    Rethink Your Commute. Share a Ride.

    Carpool to work and mid-day meetings.

  • Slide - Traffic

    Rethink Your Commute.

    Who wants to deal with the hassles of traffic?



Log your trips. Track your savings



Commuter Challenge 2016



Shuttles By City

Many San Mateo County cities are served by a Commute.org shuttle program sponsored by employers in that area. Use the selection tool below to see if the city where you work is among those that currently have shuttle service.