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The New Commute.org Website – Built for Commuters

We asked local commuters like you what content and features they want to see on Commute.org. After months of research and preparation, we responded with an entirely new site.

The new Commute.org website is streamlined, intuitive, and now provides phone and tablet users with a quicker and easier mobile-friendly resource.

The site is also packed with commuter-driven features, including a highly requested shuttle tracking service. The “Where’s my shuttle?” page uses real-time GPS data to track each of Commute.org’s 21 shuttles.

Other helpful features include:

  • Quick access to important rider alerts and the shuttle tracker from the homepage
  • Google trip planner to guide your transit journey step-by-step
  • Carpool calculator to see your cost and GHG-savings when you choose carpooling

Our mission is to improve the commute for people who travel to, through, or from San Mateo County. We hope it’s now easier than ever for you to find what you’re looking for at www.commute.org. Our staff has conducted extensive testing to ensure the new website meets the needs of the 10,000+ people who visit the site each month.

Please let us know what you think. If you have any comments regarding our new website, email us at alliance@commute.org or connect on Twitter @SMCountyCommute.

Annual Report FY2016

We are proud to announce the release of our annual report for the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2016. The report can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the image below.

Cover Page 2015 AnnualReport 495x640

Please let us know what you think. If you have any comments regarding our annual report, email us at alliance@commute.org or connect on Twitter @SMCountyCommute.

Toolkit CoverTelework & Flex-Schedules Toolkit

The County of San Mateo's Office of Sustainability recently published a comprehensive resource of lessons learned and strategies for implementing successful telework and flex-schedule programs. The toolkit was funded by the Connect, Redwood City! program and is available for download by clicking on the image to the left.

The toolkit is a resource for other local governments and businesses interested in exploring telework and alternate work schedules.

A one-page summary is available by clicking here. To download the full 106-page document, please click here.

New Video Encourages Commuters to Rethink Their Commute

The team at Commute.org invites you to watch our short video that encourages people who commute to, from or through San Mateo County to use alternatives to get to and from work.
Please share the video with your colleagues and family members. Even using an alternative once a week makes a difference!

csmConnect San Mateo Launches

The City of San Mateo and their project partner, Commute.org, officially launched Connect San Mateo today, highlighting alternative transportation solutions for those who live and work in the City of San Mateo.  The program encourages residents, commuters, and visitors to take advantage of a variety of options to get around town and avoid driving alone.

The Connect San Mateo pilot program was introduced by the City of San Mateo to increase awareness of transportation options and to encourage alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles, thereby reducing vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions. This program is modeled after the successful Connect, Redwood City! pilot program launched in 2013.

Residents, visitors, and commuters who need to travel around the City of San Mateo now have an easy one-stop source to find all of the options available to them,” said Joe Goethals, the Mayor of San Mateo, “Through the Connect San Mateo campaign, we hope to remind people how easy it is to leave their cars at home and use alternatives to get around town.”

For those who live and work in the City of San Mateo, Caltrain and SamTrans are comfortable and cost-effective options for traveling up and down the Peninsula. Once in the City of San Mateo, they can easily take advantage of free local shuttles, the brand new Bay Bikes bike sharing system, or Zipcar. These options allow flexibility when riding transit or when people need an additional transportation throughout the day.

The Bay Bikes bike sharing service launched on May 12, 2016, and is a network of bikes housed in hubs throughout San Mateo. Anyone may become a member and rent a bike on an hourly basis from one of several convenient bike share stations. Once the trip is completed, the bikes can be returned at any bike share station within city boundaries. Bay Bikes are available at all three Caltrain stations within San Mateo as well as other key destinations around town.

The Connect San Mateo program is a partnership between the City of San Mateo and Commute.org and is funded by a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Climate Initiatives Program. The Connect San Mateo program includes a targeted marketing campaign and user-friendly website for residents and employees to explore the myriad alternative transportation options available within the City of San Mateo.

For more information, please visit connectsanmateo.org.