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Commuters who are currently driving alone to work, and are commuting to, from or through San Mateo County, are encouraged to try vanpooling.

Commute by vanpool and we'll reimburse each passenger up to $300 in cash or pay the driver $500 cash.

Vanpool participants can be reimbursed 50% of the cost of their vanpool seat, up to $100 per month, for the first three months in the van. Vanpool drivers for a new vanpool can earn a $500 incentive*. This is a one-time offer.

* can provide information on the vanpool lease program by local vanpool providers. Contact us for more details:

Vanpool Passenger Reimbursement Form
Click here for Vanpool Passenger Reimbursement Form

Vanpool Driver Incentive Form
Earn $500 cash for driving a vanpool of seven or more passengers for a minimum of six months.
Click here for Vanpool Driver Incentive Form

Rules of Eligibility


  • Riders must submit application within one year of joining vanpool.
  • Riders must submit proof of payment for 3 months of vanpool seat fare (i.e. signed receipt from driver, payroll stub, cleared check). Commuter checks or carbon copies will not be accepted as proof.
  • Reimbursment is for your out-of-pocket cost for the vanpool seat. Employer subsidy is excluded from reimbursement.
  • Application must have driver's signature and driver's contact information in order to be processed.


  • Vanpool must have seven or more people (including driver) and stay on the road for a minimum of six consecutive months.
  • Drivers must submit application within one year of joining vanpool.
  • Drivers must submit proof of the last six months of operation of van. Proof must include: list of passengers with a copy of a vanpool leasing, finance or ownership document.

Find a Vanpool Partner using the 511 Ridematching Database, click here.

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