TDM in San Mateo County

Transportation Demand Management, or TDM, is a general term for strategies and policies that reduce demand for motor vehicle travel, particularly in single occupancy vehicles. TDM programs can address a wide range of externalities associated with driving, including congestion, poor air quality, less livable communities, reduced public health, reduced environmental health, and GHG emissions.’s TDM programs focus on reducing travel demand in San Mateo County particularly at peak commute hours.

While is the only public agency in the county tasked specifically with TDM responsibilities, there are many other public, private and non-profit organizations that also work on TDM issues. This space will profile those organizations and the unique ways they are helping to make lasting changes in reducing congestion and improving air quality in our county. If you know of an organization that is working towards similar goals, please let us know and we would be happy to include them here.


TDM graphic

Image: Metropolitan Planning Council (Chicago)

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