Starting a new commute or looking for an alternative to driving?

We can help you find information on faster and more affordable transportation alternatives for easy commuting to, from, or through San Mateo County.

Start with the trip planner below and check out the rest of our site for tips and tools you can use to improve your commute.


Find a ridesharing match or compare commute options.

Plan your trip.  Find the best way to get where you need to go by comparing multiple transportation choices in one place. Just enter your starting point and destination in TripPlanner, and click "view my commute options". It's that easy.  TripPlanner compares carpool, vanpool, transit, walk, and bike options while calculating time, cost, calories burned, and emissions estimates. 

Find a ridematch.  TripPlanner will provide you with ridematching options that meet your preferences. Just sign up below for a free account. Next, enter your trip’s starting and destination points. A list of potential carpool and vanpool matches will be displayed - you choose the one that best fits your schedule. If you don't find a ridematch, save your trip so that other commuters can find you as a potential ridematch.  

Note:  You will need an account on (powered by RideAmigos) to use this tool.

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