Learn the tricks that veteran San Mateo County commuters know and use to speed up their daily commute:

Diamond Lanes - These reserved fast lanes require at least 2 or 3 people per vehicle. You can take advantage of the less traveled diamond lanes with a carpool, vanpool, or by riding a bus.

Electric Vehicles - Never "gas up" again and ride in Diamond Lanes, even with one person in the car.

Park & Ride - Meet a carpool or vanpool at one of the over 150 free Park and Ride Lots in the Bay Area.

Shuttles - Shuttles generally provide a more direct, shorter route that is faster than a bus, and are often free to riders. Commute.org can even help you start one of your own!

Bikes - Use your bike to link to transit. Bike commuting means no more parking hassles and many systems now let you take your bike with you or provide safe lockers for you to store it in.

Walking - Turn your commute-or at least the distance from home to transit or transit to your office-into a daily workout. You will burn less gas and a lot more calories.

Commute.org provides the following programs to make commuting a little easier:

Vanpooling - We pay you to start or join a vanpool and help you set it up!

Bike and pedestrian safety meetings - Learn how to make walking and biking a fun and safe part of your commute plus enter to win great prizes such as bike helmets.

 TRY TRANSIT program - Free transit tickets!

Safe Bicycling in San Mateo County (handbook)  - Learn to ride safely and confidently!