1. Get Motivated!
Ask yourself these simple questions to see if you are ready to change your traffic jamming ways and start enjoying easy commuting days:

"Am I ready to free myself from the congestion and aggravation?"
"Do I want to spend less on gasoline and reduce wear and tear on my car?"
"Would I rather relax on my way to work instead of battling other road warriors?"

Am I ready to free myself from the congestion and aggravation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, READ ON:

2. Try the Transit Trip Planner
511.org, a site maintained by the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), you will find an excellent trip planning tool that shows all Bay Area transportation agencies and the areas they serve. Simply type in your origin an destination details and access information about alternative transportation services and routes.

3. Build a Transit Library
It is easy. As you use different forms of transportation, be sure to keep their maps and schedules. Bookmark websites that contain trip planning information- like this one! Check out our resource guide for links to all the schedules in San Mateo County. These simple steps will make planning each trip easier as time goes on and your library grows.

4. Know Your Commuting Options
Check out the
Guide to Transit Alternatives and San Mateo County Transit Agencies sections of this site to learn what is available to you. If you are an employee, see if you already have an employee commute program at Does Your Worksite Already Have Shuttle Service.

5. Evaluate Commute Options
Be sure to keep in mind the length of your trip, your timeframe, and the cost for each optional mode of transportation. Of course, you do not have to use the same commute mode every day. Think of all the money and stress you could save by leaving your car at home even one day a week!

6. Get Help
There are plenty of ways to get answers to your questions. So ask!


You can look up phone numbers in our Resource Guide

Post a question on our online Transportation Help Line

Or do your own research on one of the region's excellent planning resources such as www.511.org


7. Give your new commute a FREE TEST DRIVE. You can try your trip for free with the Commute.org Try Transit Program.