Bicycle Safety Classes, in partnership with a nationally certified League Cycling Instructor (LCI), offers   FREE bicycle safety workshops at workplaces and other locations throughout San Mateo County. They can be tailored to 60, 75, or 90 minutes and include time for Q&A. Most employers schedule them during lunchtime, but they can also be arranged for late in the workday or even after work. We can also provide marketing assistance to get the word out to employees, as well as arrange workshops at multi-employer worksites.

The slide and video presentation covers practical and safety information including:

  • - Planning your route, including connections to rail and water transit stations
  • - Equipping yourself and your bike
  • - Ways to safely and confidently communicate with other road users
  • - Using Google Maps to explore route options
  • - Other resources including San Mateo County's bikeways and safe cycling booklet

To request a workshop and/or more information, please contact

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