is here to help employers and property managers develop commuter programs to encourage employees and tenants to make smart transportation choices: carpooling; vanpooling; taking a bus, train, shuttle or ferry; biking; and walking.

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Assistance with the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program

Is your company in compliance with the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program?

Bay Area employers with 50 or more full-time employees within the Bay Area Air Quality Management District geographic boundaries are required to register and offer commuter benefits to their employees in order to comply with Air District Regulation 14, Rule 1, also known as the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program.

This measure aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion and encourage employees to commute by adopting alternatives to driving alone. The partners of this program have published a helpful Employer Resource Guide to explain benefit requirements.

Employers must select one of four Commuter Benefit options to offer to their employees. While is not the direct administrator of this program, we are happy to help, we are ready to assist in advising and analysis of current employer benefit offerings and recommending options for Bay Area Commuter Benefits compliance options. To comply with the program requirements, an employer must:

  • Register at and update registration annually.
  • Designate a Commuter Benefits Coordinator or Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program representative.
  • Select a pre-approved commuter benefits option or propose an alternative.
  • Notify employees of the commuter benefits and how they can use the benefits. *The employer must maintain records to document how and when employees were notified about the commuter benefits.

If you have questions, please reach out to us at

Vanpool Programs

Vanpooling is convenient and economical, especially if your employees travel long distances to go to your work location. Traditionally, vanpools have 7-15 passengers, including the driver. The vehicle may be owned or leased.

511 coordinates vanpools in the Bay Area and offers a variety of free services and rewards to start or join a vanpool. Their vanpool consultants are committed to keeping vanpools full and on the road with empty-seat subsidies.

Benefits of Vanpooling for Employees:

  • Reduce wear and tear on their personal vehicle.
  • Empty-seat subsidies from 511.
  • Leased-van perks include no long-term financing, access to extra vehicle.
  • Free tolls for registered vanpools with 11-15 seats.
  • Dedicated support services from 511.
  • 511 offers up to $500 in gas cards for starting a new vanpool.
  • offers up to $500 in incentives for new vanpool drives and $300 for new vanpool passengers.

For more information on the 511 Vanpool Program, please click here.

For information on's Vanpool Incentive Program, please contact

Carpool Advantages for Employers

  • No cost program for employers
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Alleviate employee stress and expense
  • Improve employee morale
  • Use as a recruitment and retention tool

Carpool Advantages for Employees

  • When at least two people carpool, they can each earn a $50 gift card for two months of carpooling
  • Enjoy a travel companion to and from work
  • Share commute costs with other passengers
  • Utilize most HOV lanes with 2 or 3 passengers
  • Take advantage of preferential parking at many employer sites
  • Reduce commute time and stress

Other Free Services for Employers

  • Employee commute program consultation
  • Employee transportation coordinator (ETC) training
  • Free commuter resource kiosks
  • Regional and local commuter-related ordinance support
  • Company relocation commute assistance
  • Employee commute surveys
  • On-site bicycle safety education
  • Telework program-building
  • Customized marketing materials