Save Money and Get Fit in 2015 by Rethinking Your Commute

How are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions? If yours included exercising regularly, saving money, or balancing work and family life, rethinking your commute may be the easiest way to keep your resolutions. We think the answer to keeping your resolutions can be found by adopting a smarter commute. Here’s why:

Saving Money: Switching from driving alone to public transit, carpool/vanpool, biking or walking can have an immediate impact on your budget. According to the American Public Transportation Association, Bay Area residents who ride public transit can save on average around $900 a month, which adds up to more than $10,800 a year. Simply taking Caltrain, BART or SamTrans a couple of times a week can greatly reduce the amount of money you spend on gas, parking, and vehicle maintenance. And, you get the added bonus of time to nap, read or catch up email while someone else does the driving.

Exercising Regularly: Choosing to walk or bicycle to work or school can integrate exercise into your daily life without requiring a gym membership. The buses, trains and last mile shuttles (visit the web site for more information on shuttles) all accommodate bicycles so it is easier than ever to include bicycling into your daily commute. Just by walking 10 minutes to or from a transit station makes it easier to achieve the recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day.

Spending More Time with Family: Telecommuting and flex scheduling are great ways to achieve a better balance between work and family. Eliminating your commute once a week not only gives you more time with your family and friends but also eases the commute for everyone else. More and more businesses in San Mateo County are adopting flexible scheduling to help their employees balance their lives and reduce their stress.

The financial, health and life balance benefits make smarter commuting the perfect choice for a New Year’s resolution. Whether the goal is to get in shape, balance your budget, or spend more time with family, the team at believes that you can achieve it and is happy to assist you in your efforts. Visit for more information.