LC: Lincoln Centre (Belmont Caltrain)

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Effective 4/26/21: With the Hillsdale Station opening, LC schedule has been revised to reflect Caltrain’s timetable adjustment. However, due to road closures at Hillsdale, the LC shuttle will continue serving the Belmont Station until further notice. For any questions, please contact the Shuttle Team at (650) 588-1600


Route Information

The Lincoln Centre shuttle (LC) runs between the Belmont Caltrain Station and business parks and offices in the Lincoln Centre and Vintage Park areas of Foster City.

Service Available: Monday through Friday during morning and afternoon commute hours

This shuttle is FREE for all passengers and is open to the general public. All shuttles are wheelchair-accessible and equipped with a bicycle rack on the front of the vehicle.

For more details about this shuttle service, please contact the Shuttle Department Staff at (650) 588-1600 or send an email to with questions or comments.