Resources is your go-to resource for all things commute-related in San Mateo County. Whether you're an employer looking for assistance with your commute program, a school looking for ways to reduce traffic to your campus, or a commuter looking for a sustainable alternative to driving alone, We're Here for You.


Commuters who take alternative modes to work report being happier and healthier – and they help improve air quality. Leave the car at home, explore your commute options, and take the stress out of navigating rush hour traffic. If you’re looking for a better commute, we offer Resources (and Rewards) to help.

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Improve employee recruitment and retention by offering a comprehensive commuter benefits program. By encouraging your employees to try alternative commute modes, you’ll have a less-stressed, more productive workforce while reducing parking demand and your organization’s carbon footprint. Check out our resources and get in touch to set up a free consultation with our Employer Programs team today.

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Drop-off and pick-up don’t have to be stressful for parents, students, and school staff. can connect you to transportation solutions to reduce the morning and afternoon gridlock – and make your campus a safer, healthier place.

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Many of our programs and events are made possible by the generous support of our partner organizations. Learn more about our partners who help us carry out our mission.

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Policies & Initiatives

From parking reform to Vision Zero, there are a number of initiatives at the local, state, and federal levels that supports to help improve mobility and quality of life for commuters and residents.

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News & Events

Natural Evolution: Thriving Hybrid Workplaces

We invite our diverse community of transportation, HR, Facilities, and Operations professionals to’s three-day Annual Symposium for 2021, Natural…

May is Bike Month!

May is National Bike Month and we’re celebrating by encouraging everyone to experience the joy of bicycling and the power…

Update on COVID-19 Response and Resources continues to serve commuters, employers and residents of San Mateo County during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our shuttle program was…