Employer eNews October 2020

Valuable information for San Mateo County employers (click here to view online). In this issue:

  • How can we help you and your team? (short survey)
  • Is your worksit in compliance? (Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program update)
  • Safe Commute Guide (tips for getting back to work or working from home safely)

Roadmap to Telework Webinar Event

On August 18, we hosted a webinar on developing a formal, long-term telework policy for employers, starring Commute.org's very own Virada Chatikul and Kate Lister from Global Workplace Analytics  . Thank you to all who joined us. If you missed the event, you can view Virada's presentation slides, Kate's slides, and the recording  (password: YM1t3i.T).

Virtual Roundtable Recap

We held two Virtual Employer Roundtables on May 18 and May 21 - the second was with our partners from the Spare the Air Resource Team. Both groups combined represented over 90 registrants and 86 employers.

In lieu of a recording, we thought we'd save you the time by summarizing our data, polls, and discussion points here.

Bicycling Resources

Interested in a safe, healthy, and fun commute? We have   resources  to help you with getting on a bike for commuting and recreation, including recordings of our five-part webinar series with Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Commute.org has a new program for green commuters! If you walk, bike, take transit, ride a shuttle, or carpool/vanpool to work in San Mateo County, you’re eligible for up to 4 reimbursed Guaranteed Rides Home (GRH) each calendar year. Think of it as your green commute insurance.

The GRH program covers an emergency trip home from work in case of:

  • Personal or family Illness/Emergency
  • Eldercare or daycare emergency
  • Bicycle theft or breakdown
  • Inclement weather (for walkers/bicyclists)
  • Carpool partner emergency resulting in loss of ride home

When you encounter an emergency on a day that you use a green commute to work, simply use a taxi, Lyft/Uber, or transit service to get home, and then request a reimbursement through Commute.org’s STAR platform.  

For complete rules and limitations click here. If you have any questions about the program, reach out to Commute.org via email at support@commute.org.

Become a Commute STAR at my.commute.org!

1. Register or login at my.commute.org
2. Use the trip planner to discover your commute options.
3. Go to your dashboard and log your trips for a chance to win prizes.