Serving Commuters and Residents of San Mateo County for Over 20 Years

Commute.org Shuttles operate fixed-route, first-last mile service FREE of charge to transit stations (BART, Caltrain, and SF Bay Ferry), workplaces, hospitals, schools, and residential areas throughout San Mateo County. See our list of shuttle routes below or visit our trip planner page to find a shuttle that works for your commute. 


Morning Service: 6am – 10am

Afternoon Service: 3pm – 7pm

Fare: FREE (Open to the Public)


Shuttle Team E-mail: shuttles@commute.org

 Shuttle Support Line: 650-588-1600

How to Ride

  • Finding a Shuttle
  • Text Alerts
  • Holidays
  • Policies
  • System Map
  • Accessibility
  • FAQ
  • Finding a Shuttle

    Commute.org Shuttles are San Mateo County’s FREE first-last mile commuter shuttle system! If you see blue and green strips on a white shuttle bus, you’re looking at one of our 20+ different shuttle routes in San Mateo County connecting commuters to and from BART, Caltrain, and SF Bay Ferry.

    A few tips to find the right shuttle for you:

    • Our Trip Planning Tool (powered by Google Maps) will quickly show you if a Commute.org shuttle serves your origin or destination, as well as your alternative public transit options
    • If you already know the name of the shuttle or the city where you’re starting or ending your trip, then scroll up to see the list of our shuttles routes by city to find schedule and route details.

    All Commute.org shuttles are equipped with real-time GPS tracking to locate your shuttle during unexpected schedule delays. You can also use the map on the route-specific shuttle page to see where the shuttle is and when it’s expected at a designated stop. Please note that there can be a lag in the transmission of the location data, so we encourage riders to be at their stop earlier than the shuttle’s estimated arrival time.

  • Text Alerts

    Real-Time Alerts For Your Specific Shuttle Route 

    Certain conditions may delay or disrupt shuttle service. Stay informed about service changes or delays by signing up for our route-specific text alerts. When possible, we use text alerts to notify riders about schedule/stop adjustments and any other service-related issues that could affect the shuttle portion of your commute. Shuttle riders can sign up to receive alerts by texting the Alert Code (i.e. BCPALERTS) for their route to (833) 426-6688. Message and data rates may apply. Once subscribed, text STOP to stop receiving alerts or text HELP to receive help. Terms and Privacy Policy can be found at this link.

    Commute.org shuttles are part of a network of shuttles that run in San Mateo County. Not all shuttles are managed by Commute.org, but our customer service team is always available to help you connect to the operator of your specific shuttle.

    If you have any questions or comments about the shuttle service, we’d love to hear from you. Call (650) 588-1600 to speak with Commute.org staff or send an email to shuttles@commute.org.

  • Holidays

    Our shuttles run Monday – Friday during peak commute hours, except for the following holidays:

    • New Year’s Day
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • President’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Day after Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Day

    Please note that in addition to the days listed above, BART, Caltrain, and SF Bay Ferry may run limited service on other holidays. Shuttle schedules may be adjusted or canceled on those days as well. In that case, we’ll send a text alert notifying riders.


  • Policies

    Passenger Code of Conduct: Commute.org is committed to providing a safe and pleasant environment for all its passengers. The Code of Conduct provides guidelines for Commute.org shuttle riders.

    Lost & Found: Commute.org and the shuttle operator will hold items found on the shuttle for up to 30 days. Please email shuttles@commute.org or call (650) 588-1600 to report lost items.

    Bike/Scooter Storage: All Commute.org Shuttles are equipped with a front storage rack that can store up to two bicycles. No e-Bikes or e-Scooters are allowed onboard the shuttle or on the front storage rack. Non-battery powered scooters and skateboards are allowed onboard the shuttle and must be safely stowed under your seat while vehicle is in motion.

    Shuttle Security: Please do not leave your belongings unattended. If you see an unattended item, please report it to the shuttle operator. If you witness any suspicious or unlawful activity on-board, please let the shuttle operator know or contact the Commute.org Shuttle Dept. at (650) 588-1600. If it’s an emergency, call 911

  • System Map

    San Mateo County Shuttle System Map


    This map shows all Commute.org, Caltrain, and SamTrans managed shuttles serving San Mateo County. Select a route above for more detailed maps and stop information on Commute.org shuttles. To learn more about other San Mateo County shuttle services, click here to be taken to the Peninsula Shuttles website.

    Map of Shuttles Serving San Mateo County
  • Accessibility

    All Commute.org shuttles are ADA accessible and all shuttle operators are trained to assist ADA passengers. If you need assistance boarding the shuttle, please notify the shuttle operator when the vehicle arrives. If additional accommodations are needed, please call Commute.org at (650) 588-1600.

  • FAQ

    How is the shuttle service funded? The shuttle program is funded through a combination of grants from agencies that include the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG), San Mateo County Transportation Authority, SamTrans, and funds from dozens of private employers, property managers, and sponsoring cities.

    What are the benefits to my organization from participating in the shuttle program? The shuttle enables employers to help their employees make the first or last mile commute to their workplace or transit station. Participating in the Commute.org shuttle program helps employers attract and retain employees.

    We already participate in the shuttle program. Do you have tips on how to increase the use of the service? We’re here to help you make the most of your investment in the shuttle program, whether you’d like to collaborate on marketing, review performance reports, conduct rider surveys, or discuss route alternatives. Get in touch with us today.

    How can I get more information about joining the Commute.org shuttle program? Visit the Shuttle Program page by clicking here. Contact Commute.org at (650) 588-1600 or email shuttles@commute.org to learn more about the program. Our Shuttle Team will be able to explain the program in more detail and may connect you with a member of the Employer Programs Team as well.