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Bicycling is an efficient, low-cost commute alternative that relieves traffic congestion, reduces air pollution, and improves health and road safety. Biking is great for both you and your community!

Rewards and services offers to support bicyclists include a $100 Reward for Bicycling to Work, FREE on-site bike safety workshops led by a League of American Bicyclists certified instructor, and a Guaranteed Ride Home program. We also celebrate National Bike Month in May with Bike to Work Day and the month-long Bay Area Bike Challenge.

Our partners the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition offer a wide variety of resources, programs, and events to support bicycling in the region. Check out the 5-part bike education online seminar series we produced with SVBC, covering topics such as rules of the road, how to pick the right bike, and family biking.

Other Resources:
San Mateo County Bike Maps
“Biking in San Mateo County” English & Spanish brochure (Courtesy of County of San Mateo Office of Sustainability)
“Safe Bicycling in San Mateo County” Handbook Bicycle Access Guide


Teleworking offers commuters more flexibility, while reducing transportation costs and the stress of commuting. If you have the option to telework, here are some resources to help you make the most of it. And remember, you can earn points to redeem in our STAR Store and enter seasonal raffle drawings by logging your telecommutes on our STAR Platform.

Telework Tip Sheet


Ridesharing* is a convenient way to travel to and from work. Benefits of carpooling and vanpooling include:

  • Money savings on gas and wear & tear on your car
  • Reduced or free use of highway express or toll lanes
  • Reduced or free bridge tolls
  • Less traffic congestion, reduced travel time, and less wasted time circling the parking lot looking for a spot
  • Improved air quality
  • Qualification for’s Guaranteed Ride Home program if you work in San Mateo County

*not to be confused with ride-hailing (e.g. Uber, Lyft)



Between BART, Caltrain, SF Bay Ferry, and SamTrans, commuters have a variety of transit options available to them in San Mateo County. Transit riders can count on’s shuttles to connect to transit from home or to work from BART/Caltrain stations. Using public transit for your commute allows you to enjoy a relaxing ride to catch up on work, listen to music, and prepare for the work day ahead stress-free.

Fares vary by transit agency, so use Clipper Card as a convenient payment option. Clipper offers several discount programs:

  • Clipper START (20% or 50% discount for low-income riders)
  • Youth & Senior discounts
  • RTC Clipper Card for riders with qualifying disabilities

STAR Platform

Create a free STAR (Support, Track, and Reward) account on to access’s reward programs, as well as a trip planning tool that helps you explore your commute options including shuttles, public transit, and bicycling. STAR also helps you find carpool or vanpool matches that you can connect with directly on the platform.

Track your sustainable commute trips to unlock rewards and participate in challenges, then see the impact your commute has with personal stats like CO2 reduction and cost savings. Flip through our STAR Guide for Commuters (accede a la guía para viajeros en español aquí) for more information on how to get started.

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