Assistance Programs

Programs that provide assistance to income-qualifying individuals

Community Transportation Benefits Program 

The ‘Community Transportation Benefits Program’ (Program) is sponsored and funded by the San Mateo County US 101 Express Lanes. The ‘Program’ helps qualifying San Mateo County residents cover some of their transportation costs.

Participants can choose from one of two options that meet their needs:  

  1. Clipper Card with a value of $100 (annual benefit); or 
  1. FasTrak® toll tag/transponder with value of $100 (one-time benefit)

Go here for more information and to receive benefits: https://smcexpresslanes.org/program/equity-program/

Clipper Discount Programs 

Use Clipper card as a convenient payment option for a variety of transit agencies. Clipper offers several discount programs: 

  • Clipper START (20% or 50% discount for low-income riders) 
  • Youth & Senior discounts 
  • RTC Clipper card for riders with qualifying disabilities 

Peninsula Clean Energy “E-Bikes for Everyone” Program 

UPDATE: New applications are no longer being accepted in spring 2022. Applications already received have been placed on a waiting list and will be reviewed if additional funding becomes available. 

Peninsula Clean Energy has launched the “E-Bikes for Everyone” program, including significant discounts to qualified San Mateo County residents for the purchase of a new electric bicycle (e-bike) in a broader effort to raise awareness and adoption of this healthier, cleaner and affordable transportation option. 

San Mateo County residents who meet income qualifications will receive a discount at participating shops of up to $800 off the purchase price for an e-bike. 


Coming Soon: California E-Bike Rebate  

In 2021, California passed AB117 which allocates $10 million to incentivize e-bike purchases for California residents.  

The program is scheduled to begin in July of 2022. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is working to develop guidelines for who will be eligible, the size of the grants, and the equitable distribution of the funds. 

Commute.org Programs 

Visit Commute.org’s reward page to find financial incentives, Guaranteed Ride Home program, Free Transit Tickets and more for free to any commuter that lives or work in San Mateo County.