The 2023 Commuter Challenge Summary

Thank you to all of our amazing commute superhero participants!

On behalf of San Mateo County, Commute.org thanks each of you for choosing to adopt a green and active commute to work or college! The impact of your sustainable commute not only benefits you the individual but all of San Mateo County, together we help decrease congestion, improve the environment, and enhance the communities quality of life.


Your impact from April 1 to May 31

Top Participating Home and Work Cities

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners

Pictured left to right: Laurette, public transit commuter won a $300 Clipper Card, Perry a vanpool commuter won a vacation package, Allan a carpool commuter won a Kindle Scribe, and George a bicycle commuter won Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Pauline a Shuttle commuter won a $200 e-gift card and shared a quote saying, “The available shuttles are very convenient and I strongly encourage everyone to give them a try.”

Quotes from some Weekly Prize Winners

“I’d like to add how much I enjoy the public transportation options through Commute.org and its connections to the rest of the Bay Area transit agencies! My commute is from Oakland to Burlingame 4 times a week and it would not be possible without AC transit, BART, and the BPT shuttle.”-Victoria, $50 Clipper Card winner (pictured)

“I’ve been enjoying the nicer weather lately and getting to avoid traffic during my bike commutes, and the Commute.org incentives and appearance of wildflowers are an added bonus!” -Diana, $25 e-gift card winner

“What a pleasant surprise! Thank you, Commute.org!” – Robert, $50 Clipper Card winner. A daily BART and shuttle commuter

“I love taking Caltrain to work. It’s much more relaxing than sitting in traffic. I get to work with less stress, plus I won a prize from Commute.org!” – Kristiann, touchscreen gloves, and a beanie winner

“Biking to school helps me start the day with fresh air and 20 minutes of enjoyable exercise in the safety of a well-maintained bike line.” -Bethany, Fire 7 Tablet winner

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