Appreciation Gifts for Shuttle Riders

We’re excited to share our recent initiative to thank our dedicated shuttle riders. This January, we distributed 300 gift bags filled with tokens of appreciation for choosing to ride with us.

To all our shuttle riders, thank you! Your decision to use our shuttle service not only supports sustainable transportation but also reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions in our community.

We’re proud to assist you with that crucial first and last mile of your commute. In addition to the gift bags, we introduced shuttle riders to our STAR Platform and asked them to log their trips to participate in a $25 e-gift card raffle. We’re thrilled to announce that this initiative resulted in 20 new members joining the STAR platform.

STAR tracks sustainable commute trips, unlocking rewards, resources, and enabling participation in challenges to promote sustainable commuting practices while empowering commuters to visualize their CO2 reduction and cost savings.

Here is a snapshot of the metrics we were able to gather from these 20 new STAR members by logging their trips on our platform for the month of January:

Thank you for choosing to ride with Commute.org. Let’s continue making a difference together. Here are some pictures below!

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