Guide to Ensuring a Safe Commute

General Tips

•  Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or use hand sanitizer) after your commute
•  If you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick, stay home and avoid using shared transportation modes
•  Check your local AQI at Spare the Air – sign up to receive alerts

Biking & Walking

•  Plan your route in advance with STAR by Commute.org
•  Give others plenty of space on paths and trails
•  Be prepared – bring appropriate weather gear and sanitizing products
•  Bring a face mask in case you unexpectedly need to take transit or another shared commute mode
•  Consider using a backpack or waterproof on-bike pack to carry your things more easily


•  Communicate regularly with your team
•  Keep a routine and establish regular work hours to maintain a work/home balance
•  Stay active – stand up, stretch, or go for a walk throughout the day
•  Stay adaptable – be kind to yourself and others during times of change
•  Check in with your employer about getting proper equipment (monitors, chairs, etc.) to make your work-from-home environment more sustainable long-term

Carpool & Vanpool

•  Limit the number of passengers in your carpool to leave more space between seats
•  Wear a mask while commuting
•  Try to carpool/vanpool with the same people each time
•  Open the windows and turn off air recirculation to improve ventilation
•  Create digital message boards to coordinate carpooling and vanpooling with coworkers

Public Transit

•  Wear a face mask – they’re required on public transit until further notice, even for those fully vaccinated
•  Regularly check transit agencies’ websites for route & schedule modifications
•  Pay attention to any special signage and decals the transit agency has posted
•  Use your Clipper Card for touchless payment
•  Maintain social distancing while entering the station, boarding the vehicle, and exiting
•  Be flexible – you may need to take a later bus or train to comply with social distancing
•  Take transit outside of peak hours, if possible


•  Bring a face mask to protect yourself and others in passing
•  Use hand sanitizer or wipes to disinfect the scooter or bike prior to use, then disinfect it when you’re done
•  Avoid touching surfaces – use touchless payment options if available

Click here for a downloadable version of our Guide to Ensure a Safe Commute!

Su Guía para Garantizar un Viaje Seguro aquí.

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