How to Create a Carpool Group with Coworkers and Earn Rewards!


Commute.org services related to Carpool:

  • Outreach & Workshop events to San Mateo County employers to educate employees about carpooling and how to earn rewards on our STAR platform
  • Consultations with employers on how to set up successful incentive carpool programs, e-mail employersupport@commute.org
  • Carpool Reward Program – Every 10 STAR verified carpool days to/from work will unlock a $25 e-gift card reward for each passenger (up to 4 times a year for $100 total!)
  • Help commuters find carpool groups on STAR
  • Have a large group of dedicated carpoolers? Maybe Vanpool is a good fit for your group! Read the Vanpool Reward Program rules to learn more.


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