Route Changes Coming in July

Foster City Commuter Shuttle:

The FCC shuttle, which will begin service in July 2023, combines two existing routes: Lincoln Centre (“LC”) and Mariners’ Island (“MAR”). Both existing routes serve the Hillsdale Caltrain station and provide service to similar areas of Foster City and San Mateo. MAR and LC have struggled to attract riders due to a lack of service frequency and complex routing. As a result, neither route was likely to qualify for grant funding as stand-alone routes.

Our shuttle team designed the new FCC route, which combines the best of MAR and LC, to provide the following benefits:

  • Focus on higher density business and residential areas
  • Elimination of underutilized and unfunded stop locations
  • Service by two vehicles, whereas MAR and LC were each served by a single vehicle
  • Increase in service frequency – from 8 daily trips to 14 daily trips at most locations

FCC will have an eastbound and westbound pattern, and it will run in opposite directions in the morning and afternoon. Morning trips will carry Caltrain passengers from the Hillsdale Station to employment locations and then pick up passengers from residential stops before returning to the station. Afternoon trips will reverse the pattern – transporting residents from Caltrain back to their stops before making stops at employment locations for commuters returning to Caltrain.

We believe that the new route design, increased frequency, and more dependable schedules will improve the service and expand ridership.

Click here to view the Foster City Commuter route and schedule.
TEXT ALERTS: To be directly notified of service changes for this shuttle, text “FCCALERTS” to (833)-426-6688 to be registered for Foster City Commuter Shuttle text alerts. *Current Mariners’ Island Shuttle and Lincoln Centre Shuttle text alerts subscribers will be automatically transferred to FCC Shuttle text alert list on July 3rd, 2023.

Millbrae Burlingame Commuter Shuttle:

The Millbrae Burlingame Commuter shuttle will combine the North Burlingame (“NB”) and Millbrae Broadway (“MB”) routes into a single route that provides service between the Millbrae Intermodal Station, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, Mercy Burlingame, residential areas of the Easton and Burlingame Terrace neighborhoods, and the Broadway Caltrain station.

Commute.org has designed an “A-B” route that will operate in opposite directions in the morning and afternoon. The “A” route will operate similar to the NB route but continue south to connect with the Broadway Caltrain station before returning to Millbrae. The “B” route will mirror the existing MB service by making direct, bidirectional trips between Millbrae Intermodal Station and Broadway Caltrain Station.

Service on the “A” route will be timed to meet the peak service periods of the medical center and high school. The “B” route will be operated in between scheduled “A” route trips. A total of 18 daily trips are planned for the proposed route with nine trips on both the “A” and “B” routes. The schedule includes four direct reverse-commute trips from Millbrae to Broadway in the morning and another four in Broadway to Millbrae direction in the afternoon.

Click here to view the Millbrae Burlingame Commuter route and schedule.
TEXT ALERTS: To be directly notified of service updates for this shuttle, text “MBCALERTS” to (833)-426-6688 to register for Millbrae Burlingame Commuter shuttle text alerts. *Current Millbrae Broadway and North Burlingame text alert subscribers will be automatically transferred to MBC shuttle text alerts list on July 3rd, 2023.

Hillsdale Caltrain Commuter Shuttle:

In San Mateo, the Campus Drive (“CAM”) and Norfolk (“NOR”) routes will be consolidated into a single route called the Hillsdale Caltrain Commuter (“HCC”). The new route will have two distinct loops and service areas (HCC East and HCC West). Service will alternate between the two service areas in both the morning and afternoon service periods. The Hillsdale Caltrain station will serve as the start and end of the route on all loops.

The service areas west of the Caltrain station will be bounded by 37th Avenue, Alameda de las Pulgas, and Highway 92. The San Mateo Medical Center, San Mateo Senior Center, Bohannan Office Park, and San Mateo City Hall will be the featured stops on the western loop. Most, but not all, of the stops on the western loop were previously served by the CAM shuttle.

The service areas east of the Caltrain station will serve businesses, high-density residential developments, single-family residential, and activity centers. The area includes parts of the Bay Meadows Rail Corridor development area and the Hayward Park Caltrain station.

Click here to view the Hillsdale Caltrain Commuter route and schedule.
TEXT ALERTS: To be directly notified of service updates for this route, text “HCCALERTS” to 833-426-6688 to be registered for Hillsdale Caltrain Commuter Shuttle text alerts. *Current Campus Drive and Norfolk Shuttle text subscribers will be automatically transferred to HCC Shuttle text alerts list on July 3rd, 2023.


If you have any questions or need additional information about the new routes, please contact our Shuttle Team at shuttles@commute.org or call (650) 588-1600.

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