MTC Announces New Carpool Collaboration for Bay Area Commuters

Commute.org has collaborated with five other transportation agencies across the Bay Area to create one large, connected commuter platform to expand carpool services and rewards. Like Commute.org does for San Mateo County, these agencies help support commuters in Solano County, Napa County, Sonoma County, Marin County, and the other Bay Area counties.  The same commuter technology, powered by RideAmigos, is used by these agencies to make this possible.

This regional commuter network is the first of its kind, partially spurred by the rise in commuters seeking an alternative commute for their return to work. The five agencies have combined resources with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to expand ride matching services and customer support for commuters throughout the Bay Area. Merge will also be covering the remaining Bay Area counties that do not have their own platform, such as Alameda and Contra Costa County.

With a single sign-on, members of Commute.org’s STAR platform, my.commute.org, are now able to join other county or regional ridesharing networks based on their commute needs. They will see a more comprehensive list of vanpool or carpool matches near them, as well as the other rewards and programs that the other agencies might offer.

San Mateo County employees and residents are encouraged to join STAR by Commute.org to find out their expanded commute options. For those that live or work in other counties, we encourage you to connect to your local agency or to the regional agency, MTC. See below for participating agencies.

  • San Mateo County – Commute.org, STAR
  • Marin County – Transportation Authority of Marin, Marin Commutes
  • Sonoma County – Sonoma County Transportation Authority, Go Sonoma
  • Solano County – Solano Transportation Authority, Solano Mobility
  • Napa County – Napa Valley Transportation Authority, V-Commute
  • Bay Area – Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Merge

For full Press Release from MTC and other media coverage, see below:

MTC Press Release, 3/1/22

Mass Transit Magazine, 3/2/22

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