National Rideshare Month 2021

October is National Rideshare Month

As vaccination rates improve, people across the Bay Area are getting ready to go back into the office for in-person meeting, and what better way to celebrate this than National Ridesharing Month? Initially, National Ridesharing Month was just a week in the beginning of October created with the intention to reduce traffic congestion and encourage people to consider the environmental impacts of driving alone. The typical passenger car emitting over 4.6 metric tons of CO2 into the air every year, that’s almost 28 pounds per day! Ridesharing is a great form of transportation that allows people with similar commutes to work together to limit their carbon footprint and get to their destination on time.

Since its creation and national success, the call to action has been extended to the entire month of October with regions all over the nation taking part.

Even though National Ridesharing Month is just during October, Commute.org has opportunities for carpool/vanpool commuters all year! Commuters who live or work in San Mateo County can earn up to $100 when they vanpool or carpool to or from work (see below for program rules and eligibility). There is a limit of $100 per person per year, or until funds are depleted.


Check out these resources for more information and incentives for adding vanpooling or carpooling to your commute:

Commute.org Carpool Rewards

Commute.org Vanpool Rewards

Waze Carpool


Commute with Enterprise (Vanpool Resource)

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