Natural Evolution: Thriving Hybrid Workplaces

We invite our diverse community of transportation, HR, Facilities, and Operations professionals to’s three-day Annual Symposium for 2021, Natural Evolution: Thriving Hybrid Workplaces. We have learned much in the past year about our interconnectedness, and where we work is no exception. Planning for the future commutes of our employees will be an interdepartmental undertaking, and so we have put together a line up of speakers who will take you upstream to the latest insights on where workplaces are headed with the understanding that these considerations will at some point make their way to how we plan for an evolution in commuting.



Planning for the Future of Hybrid Work: Exploring Flexible Work Models and Adopting an Iterative Mindset
Liz Fosslien, Head of Content at Humu
Mollie West Duffy, Head of Organizational Development at RALLY

Join us for a webinar with the co-authors of the Wallstreet Journal bestseller, No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work. The authors will share case studies, cutting edge but highly applicable research insights, and practical skills you can implement tomorrow. Topics include exploring new hybrid work models that will create the need for new transportation planning, and the importance of adopting an iterative mindset as we evolve our remote and hybrid work.

Top 10 Predictions: The Future Workplace
Kasey Garcia, Senior Manager, Workplace, CBRE
Tina Lamkey, Senior Director, Design, CBRE

The office will remain a hub of collaboration and company culture, but what might look different in the future? CBRE presents our Top 10 Workplace Predictions on the evolving trends that are most likely to stick.

Hybrid Workspaces
Brianne Hunter, Project Manager, Omgivning

Amid the upheaval from today’s pandemic, architecture and design firm, Omgivning, sees one clear implication for our industry: space design is entering a whole new era, and there’s no going back. Since March 2020, Omgivning has been exploring the potential of this design evolution and examined the implications for workplaces. Brianne Hunter, a Workplace Project Manager at Omgivning, will discuss the fundamental human needs in workplace environments and explore the concepts of flexibility and adaptability in the built environment.

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