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Written by Climate Corps Fellow, Clara Gibson

Download Flyer: 2023 New STAR Commuter Incentive Flyer

Did you know you can earn $100 for simply commuting to work? Neither did I until a few months ago when I started my fellowship. This is accomplished using Commute.org’s STAR platform, a place where commuters can track their sustainable commute trips, earn points to unlock rewards, participate in challenges, access trip planning tools, and commute worry-free thanks to our guaranteed ride home benefit. You can also view the impact your commute has with personal stats like CO2 reduction and cost savings. Here is a snapshot of the STAR member’s total stats for 2022:

In early 2023 Commute.org will be launching a New STAR Member Initiative so that STAR members can start receiving rewards as quickly as two days!  

Commute.org is on a mission to reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by commuters to decrease congestion, improve the environment, and enhance quality of life. We do this by encouraging and supporting the use of sustainable alternative modes to driving alone, modes such as bike, walking, carpool, vanpool, shuttle, public transit, or the ferry. We envision a region where all residents and employees have access to equitable, sustainable, affordable, and safe transportation options and use them as their primary modes when commuting on the Peninsula. 

To restate, starting early 2023 Commute.org will be launching a New STAR Member Initiative to encourage more commuters to 1. create a STAR account 2. start logging their commutes, and 3. earn their first $5 reward in only two days! 

However, that is only the beginning of the rewards commuters can earn within STAR. If you carpool, vanpool, or bike to work you will earn $25 when you log 10 days on STAR and can earn up to $100 per year.  

All sustainable commutes for every day that you log your trip to work or school (to or from San Mateo County) using a mode other than driving alone, you earn 1 point. Redeem points for fun items or a donation in your name to one of 25+ non-profit organizations via the STAR store and automatically be entered to win $100 during our quarterly promotions.  

If you are interested in becoming a STAR member, please visit my.commute.org to create your free account. Click this link, 2023 New STAR Commuter Incentive Flyer to access the program flyer. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@commute.org. We have limited funds available each year, so take advantage of these incentives today! 



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