2024 Promotions Calendar

At Commute.org, we love rewarding commuters who choose to take a sustainable commute to work. Therefore, in addition to our year round carpool, vanpool and bicycle rewards program we also reward STAR commuters each year during various promotions that raffle multiple $100 e-gift cards. We created this 2024 Promotions Calendar to help employers and property managers understand when these commuter promotions will take place so that they are able to schedule messaging to their employees and tenants so they never miss the chance to win rewards! Remember, all commuters who live or work/attend college in San Mateo County are eligible to participate. 

Check out our new 2024 Promotions Calendar below! Also linked here.

Have your employees start logging their sustainable commutes to work today at my.commute.org for a chance to win. Let’s make 2024 a year of green commuting and fantastic rewards!

Fill out this event request form if you would like a representative from Commute.org to table on-site to promote our commuter resources directly to your employees or community.


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